March Favorites

This post is long overdue! It was my birthday last weekend so I kinda put off some of my responsibilities to celebrate, sue me. 😉

I didn’t want to do a boring normal favorites post that is just about makeup products or clothes, so I’m also going to delve into my favorite music, food, and other things from March! Here are some of my favorites that I discovered in March. They may not necessarily be new, but they are new to me!


Yogurt Drinks

Chobani Yogurt drinks

First off, I found these while trying to desperately discern between the dozens of yogurt brands at the store and trying to decide if I was going to cave into my inner fat monologue or try to be semi-healthy. I picked up these Chobani yogurt drinks on a whim because they are cheap and looked absolutely delicious (plus it’s the brand we use in our smoothies). I was pleasantly surprised because they are sweet but not cloyingly so. They have a good true to the fruit flavor, but it is fairly mild (which makes it more refreshing compared to other yogurt drinks I’ve had). So, if you are a fan of yogurt, I would definitely recommend giving these a try.


gluten free frozen pizza

So if you are gluten-free (GF) or just love cheese filled delicious pizza, this is the best brand by far (in my professional pizza eating opinion). As always, I would like to state that I am GF because Derek is gluten intolerant and it is just easier for us to both be GF.

Anyways, this pizza is AH-MAZING! We tried making our own GF pizza dough, tried using prepared GF pizza crusts, and it was always a hassle (as it is with making normal homemade pizza, let alone when it’s lacking the structural integrity of gluten).

gluten free frozen pizza review

Against the Grain had the ingenious idea to use naturally gluten-free Brazillian cheese bread (Pão de Queijo) as the crust for this pizza. If you have never been to a Brazillian Barbeque place, 1) I highly recommend you find one near you and go devour some right now and 2) make sure to eat (or make) these amazing little bread bites. Basically, Brazillian cheese bread is made out of tapioca flour and cheese, giving the bread a lovely super cheesy taste and a great, indescribable chewy texture (trust me, you need to try these). Anyways, the crust of this pizza is made with Brazillian cheese bread, so it is horribly and delightfully cheesy. I actually prefer this pizza over other gluten-filled options because I love the extra cheesiness and the texture of the crust. The pizza is also one of the largest GF options we have found and is about $12. Anywho, I think that’s enough about pizza.


mojito recipe picture

My favorite adult beverage this month has been Mojitos. I have never tried them, and with Derek being a bartender he was trying to learn how to make a good one (apparently the recipe his work provides is pretty bad and gets sent back constantly). Anyways, he was messing about in the kitchen and asked me to try his concoction. I’m not a very big fan of many alcoholic beverages, but I instantly fell in love with this. Seriously, if you have never tried one of these (and are legally of age), you NEED to.

Mojito recipe picture

They are very refreshing and easy to make. You can take a peek at my recipe here. Basically, you take some sugar, lime, and mint and muddle them together in a glass. Add some rum a bit of ice and top it off with lemon-lime soda or soda water. They aren’t super sweet (plus the sugar is very adjustable in my recipe), they are light and refreshing and I love the effervescent lime mint mixture to the bottom of my heart. If you don’t drink, I’m sure you could just add some muddled lime and mint to some sprite and be pretty happy (skip the extra sugar since there won’t be any rum).


My Favorites Playlist

I thought it would be fun to share my favorite music here. I love seeing what other people are into because I find it hard with my busy schedule to really find new music. Plus, I am getting pretty tired of my current playlist that I’ve been playing on repeat for the last couple of months. So, if you have any music recommendations, share them below, please! I listen to a variety of music, but it is mostly indie rock/alternative.

A Mix I’ve Been Loving

I have also been loving these little Chill Mixes on YouTube. Sometimes when I listen to songs I know every word to and adore, I find myself trying to listen to the music instead of working or you know participating in a conversation with the guests we invited over. 😬 So, these mixes are calm and good for background music.

Pet Supplies

Chewy Cat tree review

My favorite this month for pet supplies (mainly cat food, cat toys, and cat trees) is Chewy. It’s an online store like Amazon, but they specialize in pet supplies for everything from the Easter bunny you got a few weeks ago to the slithering snakes your unusual uncle Kenny adores (nothing wrong with owning snakes, I just personally have that unusual uncle 😊). Since they specialize in pets only, I find that they offer better prices on items than other, more general online stores. I have also found that they usually have better prices than big box pet stores and it gets delivered to your door (yay for introverted-ness!).

Now besides being a good place to price check, they have the cheapest, highest-quality cat trees I have found thus far. They have a huge selection of sizes, colors, and prices. We have actually bought two cat trees from them. One we bought about a year ago and after rearranging the apartment we got one more to match (in case we move them around later and they end up in the same room). Also, they always have a few on sale. Here is a smaller one that is in our living room and shown above. Here is the larger one in our bedroom shown below.

chewy cat tree review

If you have ever been to a big box pet store you’ll know that some of their 30-inch (~76cm) trees are like $50-$70!!! Which is absolutely ridiculous and not worth that money. Our larger one is 72-inches (~183cm) for $70. So If you are like me and see cat trees as nothing more than some carpet and wood pieces your cats are bound to destroy, you’ll agree that tiny of a tree for that price is ridiculous. I should also mention there is no lack of quality at that price. I find they are easy to put together and have lasted for a very long time thus far. VERY pleased with these cat trees.

They also sell food, toys, beds and more for a variety of pets too. We buy our wet cat food from them and lots of toys. If your cat has a favorite type of toy and you can never find it at the same place twice, check Chewy out. I always look here first if I’m considering buying new toys because they have a large selection and I know what toys my cats are likely to enjoy and can just search for those toys specifically. We also got this tunnel the cats are crazy about from Chewy.

cat tunnel

Since this is getting long, I think that’s enough favorites for now. Share with me any new products you’re in love with so I can give them a try. Have a wonderful day!

Sing-off image 3

*I am not affiliated with or paid by the links or companies used in this post. These are honest opinions and recommendations.*


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