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This blog was formerly known as Just a Peek.

Why the name ‘Kitten Around the Kitchen’?

My sister came up with the name, so all credit to her. If you have been on the blog for a quick minute you’ve probably noticed my love for cats. Plus, it’s kinda a pun…I’ll give you a minute…got it? Okay, yes, it’s like kidding…kitten..get it? I would self-declare this blog as witty, sassy, and full of joking around, so the kitten pun not only represents the crazy cat lady inside me, but also the humorous nature of my writing on the blog.

Now the kitchen part. I do post a lot of recipes here, but that’s not the only thing I like to write about. The kitchen is more representative of my fondest memories. I have great memories of learning to cook with my mom. Derek and I chasing each other through the kitchen while we trip over cats and try not to burn dinner. Me annoying Derek while he does the dishes. Just all great memories 🙂 . So the kitchen is really more a representation of great memories and being the heart and soul of the home (or something…that’s what my mom said..).

What is Kitten Around the Kitchen?

Kitten Around the Kitchen was created as a creative outlet for my endless energy. It was sorta a trial blog for me to do something while I figured out the rest of my life and then it stuck. It has been a great way for me to explore my passions and hobbies of writing, photography, food, and making things with my hands. So that last sentence was an open-ended way of saying this blog will just be whatever I like/want it to be. I won’t ever be pinned down as a recipe, DIY, or beauty blogger. I’m pretty sure some of the stuff I put here probably wouldn’t normally be considered ‘blog material’ anyways. Everything here is anything and everything me.

Who am I:

I am a 20-something that lives in a small apartment in Colorado with 4 cats and a loving boyfriend named Derek. I run the site by myself, write all the blog posts and drag Derek along with me. Derek offers ideas, proofreads blog posts, and always offers to help on my next crazy idea (so supportive of this one).

You’ll see Derek mentioned a lot in posts as he is my main person. He is an easy going critical thinker, and the most hardworking person I have ever met. I, on the other hand, am the exact opposite. Opposites attract, right?

What is P.S. Love Mom?

This is a series I have a ton of enjoyment creating. Growing up my mother was my idol. She was supportive, loving, present, understanding, and not overly strict. Honestly, I believe I owe the majority of who I am to her. As you can guess, I also grew up thinking her food was ah-mazing. Seriously my mother should have opened a restaurant. I wanted to start this series to be able to immortalize her while also stealing all her recipes 😏. So, the series is just that, a collection of my mom’s infamous recipes and the stories to go with them.

Check out the series here.

What is The Gluten-Free Skeptic?

The Gluten-Free (GF) Skeptic is a series about putting GF food to the test. Derek is very gluten-intolerant and we only recently found out his constant ailments were caused by gluten. So the switch in lifestyle was a bit abrupt. His mother has been GF for a majority of his life, and watching her go through the 90’s and early 2000’s on a GF diet made him certain gluten alternatives and copycats were simply non-edible. Since beginning our GF journey a few years ago, he has come around quite a bit. He has realized there have been great leaps in GF food and is starting to feel not so dreary about never eating gluten again.

Based on his journey I decided to start GF Skeptic. I am tired of seeing bloggers tell you to buy their over-priced GF flour blend. I’m tired of seeing influencers praise a GF product to only get it and think “crap, I just wasted $10 and am totally not following her anymore.” Basically, I’m just plain tired of the lies in GF food. I want real good GF food that isn’t a complete hassle. So, I test out mixes, frozen products, recipes, whatever! I still eat gluten with no issues and so I will usually purchase or make a gluten version of whatever I am testing to be sure that my fellow GF peeps aren’t getting swindled by a gluten blind mouth that hasn’t tasted that real thing in 5 years! But, I tend to eat GF outside of this to lead a healthier lifestyle and support Derek.

Check out the series here.

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