Throwback Thursday: Five Films from the 2000’s and Earlier That You Need to See #3

It’s already been a month since my last movies post, can you believe it?! These are by far my favorite to write, and I’m so glad it is time for another installment. If you are new here, this little series on the blog is dedicated to sharing movies from the past. Maybe you have seen them, maybe you haven’t. Either way, these are great movies you may have missed, may not have even been alive for their release, or maybe you have long forgotten about them (and should totally give them a rewatch in that case).

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Top Gluten Free Products from a Gluten Eating Girl

Derek is very gluten intolerant. He gets sick from anything that has a bit of gluten in it. I, on the other hand, am not noticeably affected by gluten. In an effort to support Derek and lead a healthier lifestyle I eat 99% gluten-free (GF). However, sometimes I just want some fried chicken that doesn’t take 2 hours to make. Because of this unique lifestyle, I feel I can adequately determine the best products sans gluten. These are Derek’s and my favorite GF products out of what we have tried so far (which is a lot).

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Four Not So Boring Popsicle Recipes for Summer! (gluten free, dairy free, vegan)

I love popsicles, but sometimes I want more than a random fruit flavor from the store. These four flavors are perfect for summer and are targeted to a more ‘adult’ palette. Plus, these four recipes are all relatively easy to make and can be adjusted to fit your sugar needs.

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Missouri in Spring (pics + video)

Derek and I just returned home after visiting my parent’s in Missouri, and it exceeded my expectations. I could not believe how green and b-e-a-utiful it is this time of year. And the fireflies! Oh, don’t get me started on the fireflies! I absolutely loved the trip and can’t wait to move there someday. Here are the best pictures and videos I captured with some stories sprinkled in!
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STORIES: ep. 1 – Scars (Just a Peek Podcast)

*Trumpet Noises* I am very excited to announce that Derek and I have started a podcast. Now, this is a loose definition of ‘podcast’ that I am using. What we will be doing for this series is sitting down and telling each other stories in a designated category. We try to tell ones neither of us has heard before to keep it interesting, but some stories are just too good to not share again!

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How to Easily Hide Stereo Speakers (DIY)

If you have a special someone that is a Sound snob Connoisseur (you know what I mean, or you are this person) they will fight tooth and nail to have multiple speakers put throughout the living room. If you would like to support that person and their elite ears, this is a great and easy hack to hide some of the speakers.

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Monthly Movie Recommendation #2

For all those movies you weren’t allowed to watch as a kid or for those movie references you don’t always get but want to, this is the list for you. This monthly installment gives you five movies from the 80’s to the 2000’s that you may have never heard of or just let slip through the cracks of your ‘to watch’ list. Get some popcorn and let’s get started!

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Grilled Steak Kebabs with Sweet Soy Glaze (Gluten-Free Option)

This is by far my favorite, go-to summer recipe. It’s fairly easy: just cut up some vegetables and meat, make the sauce, and get grillin’! The sauce is sweet and salty (kinda like a Teriyaki sauce, but a bit different) and the perfect sauce to marry the bell peppers, onion, and sirloin.

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April 2018 Favorites

I always struggle to remember what my favorites for the previous month were and try to do everything that I’m loving right now and then have nothing for the next favorites. It’s a vicious cycle and a month is such a long time (Derek says I run on Molly time which is slower than everyone else’s). But this month, I came prepared and tried my hardest to write things down when I found myself raving about them to friends and family.

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Quick Coconut Curry Buttermilk Chicken Strips (gluten-free option)

This is the flavor combo you have been looking for. It is sweet, savory, spiced (not spicy), and overall a winner. This recipe is very easy and was made to adapt to our gluten-free (GF) lifestyle, but can easily be gluten-filled. Plus, if you have little ones that might not like coconut or curry, it is really easy to give them plain battered chicken strips and give yourself the delicious coconut curried adult version!

coconut curry chicken strips 3

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