Why Air Fryers Are the Perfect Gift

Are you still looking for that last minute gift to get someone that has it all? I have yet to find a person that an Air Fryer isn’t the perfect git for (okay, I guess if I really thought about it I could find a few). Anyways, this is the best no-brainer gift to get that couple you’ve never really pinned down, to bring to a white elephant gift exchange (depending on the agreed-upon limit), or for any other friends and family you have yet to cross off your list.

I want to make it super clear that this post is in no way sponsored, I just have a weird passion for and obsession with my new Air Fryer 😆

Okay, let’s get right into all the reasons an Air Fryer is the best gift (or maybe why you should add it to your Christmas list):

1. No Preheating Necessary


Yeah, you read that right. You don’t need to preheat anything. So if the person you’re thinking of getting this for is generally in a hurry, they won’t have to wait for it to preheat, it just starts doing its magic. I’ve also noticed some things cook faster in it compared to the oven, so it’s just a win-win.

2. Not a Unitasker

I despise the unitaskers that people try to shovel off on me disguised as Christmas presents. No, I do not need those weird avocado-do-it-alls. I know how to peel and cut an avocado and it’s just going to muck up my drawers because I already have too much stuff shoved in them… Anyways, an Air Fryer is not a unitasker. It is like a mini oven that is accessible and easier to use. You can cook freezer foods like chicken nuggets, fries, jalapeno poppers, whatever. But you can also use it as a traditional fryer to cook things without grease and to cook homemade things. Here is a whole list of things you can make in an Air Fryer.

Also, it’s not like an Instant Pot (that’s a whole nother story), you won’t have to dig for recipes to throw into it or be bombarded with a million buttons. Chances are many things you already eat and cook can be used with this, meaning you’ll probably use it on a weekly basis (or y’know, whoever you’re gifting this to).

3. Great for the Health Nut or The Person That Eats Like Their Still in College

Fried Food

Seriously, this is great for so many people. If you know someone who is a health fanatic, this is a great gift because it doesn’t use any grease. They can make their avocado fries actually crunchy (unlike oven baking) and there’s no extra grease. Or, they can make those weird kale chips and then try to convince you to eat them no matter how many times you say no (just kidding 🙂 ).

Plus, since there is no preheating or grease to handle, that person you know that is always eating frozen foods would love this simpler appliance to get them to their deliciously cheap food sooner than the oven will.

4. It’s a Unique Gift 

Okay, so I don’t think this appliance received as much time in the spotlight as the Instant Pot, even though it is far superior (I just might be a tad biased). So, this is a really unique gift to get someone. Chances are they don’t own one (unless they are a kitchen gadget fiend), and I’m sure there are people out there that haven’t even heard of it!

5. It’s Great for Leftovers

Fried Food 2.png

I talked about how great this is for frozen foods or any foods you want to deep fry, and so much more, but it is also really great for leftovers. I used to just give up saving any sort of deep-fried leftover because I knew I couldn’t do it justice and heat it up at home. Well, we live in a different time now. Leftover fries reheat beautifully, as well as chicken fingers, or really anything fried. I even had a chicken breast that was breaded and soggy from sitting in the fridge, and it came back to life after a round through the Air Fryer. Really, it was just as good the day I made it, crispy and everything.

Alright, well thank you for listening to me profess my love for my new Air Fryer and I hope this gives you a new gift idea! Thanks for stopping by, and I hope you have a wonderful holiday season!

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