P.S. Love Mom: Spiced Cream Cheese Caramel Apple Dip

Now, I know you have probably seen a variant of this dip at some point, dang, even just looking up the recipe I found hundreds of apple dips I didn’t even ask for, but nobody makes it like my mom does. Her recipe is always a hit at any party or get together, it is a breeze to make, and it makes a darn good snack. This dip has a hint of cream cheese, is perfectly sweetened, beautifully spiced, and has a dash of real caramel (shhh, its a secret 😉 ).

Just interested in the recipe? Skip straight to it.

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Now I know I already amped up the recipe, but guess what?? Imma do it some more. What makes this recipe so darn fantastic is that it is creamy, full of spice (mostly cinnamon and a bit of pumpkin pie spice), and has real caramel in it so it kind of tastes like a spiced caramel apple. Trust, me this is some darn good stuff.

This was my mother’s go-to recipe to bring to literally anything she was expected to bring food too. Oh, it’s hot and summer, well good thing this has cooling cream cheese and some refrigerated apples. Oh, it’s fall and cold out, good thing this is literally the embodiment of everything autumnal (I mean it has pumpkin pie spice in it for goodness sakes).

So, if you don’t know what to bring to that Halloween party, family get together or you just want a good snack for the next week, I got you covered.

Recipe & Ingredient Notes

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Cream Cheese

The cream cheese should be very soft when you try to make this or you are going to have one hard time on your hands. Soften the cream cheese by leaving it on the counter at room temperature for 30-40 minutes or until soft. You can speed soften it by placing the cream cheese in a bowl of warm water for 10-15 minutes (keep the cream cheese sealed in a zippered baggie, or in the silver packaging it comes in). My mom doesn’t like to microwave the cream cheese because it becomes way too soft too easily, and can develop a weird taste and texture. If you’re in a rush, soften it in water as described above and while it is softening get your ingredients all measured out in a bowl and start cutting your apples.

Remember to refrigerate this until it is needed as cream cheese should only be out of the fridge for 2 hours (y’know, according to the FDA). You can transport the dip with some ice and place an ice pack (or it into a bowl full of ice) while it is out to help it last a bit longer, but don’t leave it out for long. If it has been sitting out for longer than two hours, I would recommend throwing out any leftovers.


My mom prefers that this recipe is served with granny smith apples and some variety similar to Gala. The granny smith makes it taste more like a caramel apple and the gala is for those who don’t like granny smith and/or want a sweeter experience (I do not think this recipe taste very good with red delicious or golden apples as they can be a bit soft and mealy and the taste isn’t optimal, but you do you).

To keep your apples from browning, slice as close as possible to serving. My mom will sometimes go as far as cutting them when she needs to be leaving in five minutes just to make sure they are as fresh as possible. You can also use lemon juice diluted in water (about a teaspoon to a tablespoon in about a cup of cold water), or you can use some cold sprite. They both help prevent the oxidation of the apple and will make them look better for longer. Let the apples soak in either mixture for 3-5 minutes before removing and patting off, then they are ready to go.

Brown Sugar

This one is short, make sure all of the clumps are out of your sugar or the dip will be crunchy (and the only crunchy thing in this recipe should be the apples).


Spiced Cream Cheese Caramel Apple Dip

  • Servings: 10 oz of dip
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Print

Brown sugar, spice, and everything nice, oh and caramel, makes this dip to die for.

Read above for tips on how to keep the apples from browning, how to soften the cream cheese, and more.


  • One 8oz package of plain cream cheese, softened
  • 4-5 tablespoons brown sugar (to taste)
  • 1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract
  • 1 teaspoon caramel topping + more for the top design (we use this one)
  • 1/2 teaspoon cinnamon
  • 1/4 teaspoon pumpkin pie spice
  • 7-8 apples (we like to use half granny smith and half gala or something similar)


1. Add everything. In a medium-sized bowl with high sides (if using an electric hand mixer), place all your ingredients (cream cheese should be softened). Using an electric hand mixer, begin mixing to combine all the ingredients well and to add fluff to the cream cheese (beat for 1-2 minutes). Taste the mixture and adjust to preferences (add more spice/sugar if wanted).

2. Transfer dip and garnish. After the dip is complete, transfer it to the final bowl for serving. Smooth out the top of the dip and top with a bit more caramel topping and chopped pecans (or peanuts/walnuts) if you desire. Place the dip in the refrigerator until needed (best if served cold).

3. Cut apples. Cut the apples into slices just before you serve the dip. You can place the apples in lemon juice diluted with water or sprite for a few minutes before patting off and serving to slow down the oxidation (see above for more info).

4. Enjoy! Serve the apples on a large platter with the dip in the center or off to the side and enjoy!

5. Leftovers: See below for some recommendations on how to use leftovers. The dip will last for 5-7 days in the fridge (stir before eating if it has been sitting for a while).

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That’s it! I hope you enjoyed this week’s recipe and please rate it below!


Have some caramel topping leftover? Try this recipe:

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Easy Hot or Iced Turtle Latte (5 ingredients)

If you have some apple dip left over or just want some alternative uses you can use it as cream cheese on a bagel or as the filling for stuffed french toast (bonus tip: top the stuffed french toast with apples, here’s my french toast recipe).

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Thank you so much for reading and I hope you have a beyond amazing day! 🙂

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A photo of my mother and I cooking up a storm.

*I am not affiliated with nor do I get any money from any products/companies mentioned in this post.*

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