Pictures of Colorado’s First Snow this Fall

There is something truly magical about snow. It pads everything with a beautiful white blanket that seemingly appears overnight. You fall asleep hearing little ice crystals ping off the windows and awake to a whitewashed landscape. Here’s a look at Colorado’s first snow since summer.

Just before it snows the sky turns an off-white/gray putting the world in a shadow box of sorts. The world quiets, and then the snow begins to trickle from the sky. After the snow has come and gone, the sky reveals a stunning pale cloudy blue.

Colorado snowing in fall

Growing up we had a street light right outside the upstairs loft window that we would always run and check at night or in the dark early morning to see if it was snowing. I remember leaning with my elbows on the window ledge right next to my sister talking about the possibility of a snow day. We were lucky this year that the first snowfall happened before all the leaves went and died and got this gorgeous snow-covered shot of yellow and orange leaves against a cloudy blue sky.

Colorado snowing in fall

We have been hearing from a lot of local farmers that this year should be horrible for snow (so what I heard is it’s going to snow a lot and this will be the best winter ever)! I’m gearing up for the long winter like a greedy squirrel gathering everything I can to live off soup, hot beverages, and other winter must-haves.

Colorado snowing in fall

I’ve told this story before, but on one last reminiscent note, my mother created a tradition for our family for the first snow of the year. Every time it would snow for the first time after a long hot summer she would make apple cider. I remember running into the house eager to take my winter gear off and being hit with the warm, buttery and spiced smell of apple cider. I would leave a little snow trail behind me as I ran into the kitchen for a glass, and there she was with one already in hand.

Since my family moved a while ago, and I have the recipe now, I decided to make some in honor of the first snow this year. Derek and I drank it on the snow-covered patio and it brought back so many memories from my childhood. If you would like my mom’s apple cider recipe, click here.

Colorado snowing in fall

One of my favorite things about snow is how everything sounds and feels the first morning after snowing. Everything is eerily peaceful and quiet yet so crystal clear. It feels as if the whole world stopped overnight and is just beginning to start turning again. It seems as if we all slept for days not noticing and awoke to a beautifully blanketed new start. It is on days like these that I am reminded of this quote:

The first fall of snow is not only an event, it is a magical event. You go to bed in one kind of a world and wake up in another quite different, and if this is not enchantment then where is it to be found?” ~ J. B. Priestley

Colorado snowing in fall

For whatever reason, no matter where I am the snow just feels like home and brings back so many memories of the past winters. It’s odd because snow is the only time I feel a strong reminiscent feeling and like I’ve finally returned to who I am supposed to be. It’s as if the snow is a strong uniter of past and present and the world as a whole. I wonder if everyone feels this way about their favorite season?

Colorado snowing in fall

I’ve been waiting to take pictures of the fall leaves for a few weeks now. I’ve seen in other parts of Colorado the leaves rapidly changing, but it seemed like our small town was trapped in a summer time-capsule and suddenly it ruptured welcoming a swift leaf change and snow all in the same night. I’m just happy for the opportunity to photograph the fall leaves, a blue sky, and snow all on the same day.

Colorado snowing in fall

In the image below I was trying to get Derek to shake a tree for me so I could get a video of the snow falling and neither of us thought it through very well. The tree was rather wide and Derek had to lean under one of the branches to get to the middle. He started to lightly shake it and nothing happened on my end. I turned around and saw him covered in snow which neither of us really thought about happening. At least he was a good sport about it 🙂 .

Derek in snow

This year we let the cats interact with the snow for the first time and they were surprisingly receptive. There was maybe half an inch of snow on the patio and no wind (last time we tried to let them investigate the snow they kept getting snow blown in their faces and wouldn’t pass the threshold). However, this time they were very interested in it and dare I say enjoyed the experience. Here is a little paw imprint that I just couldn’t resist (it’s soo cute!!).

kitty paw in snow

Thank you for reading and reminiscing of winters past and present. I hope your fall and winter are filled with beautiful memories and laughs!

Sing-off image 3

Photos from Colorado's First Snow this Fall


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