Peach & Blueberry Whiskey Cocktail Recipe

Celebrate peach season in style (or drink it all year long) with this refreshing cocktail. This is a super simple drink to whip up for a crowd but looks complicated and impressive (best of everything, innit?). Derek (the bartender) and I collaborated on this drink, and I love the little creation we came up with.

Just interested in the recipe? Skip straight to it.

This is my second favorite drink next to a mojito (none can rival the ultimate combo that is lime and mint). It is refreshing, effervescent, and easy to whip up (plus they look like you know a thing or two about mixing drinks 😉 ) My favorite part of this whole drink is the cute little peach and blueberry stirrer (I think it just adds that little flair that says “I can make a better cocktail than you, Karen“).

peach and blueberry whiskey cocktail recipe 2

We all know peach and blueberry go together way too well, but I was amazed at how great whiskey went with the peach. To keep things light and refreshing, the drink is topped off with ginger ale which is just the right spice to pull everything together.

I think this drink would be perfect as a wedding signature drink (or for a drink at a party). It is simple and elegant with the stirrer and has absolutely gorgeous color (look at that peach and blue gradient)! I also think it’s a fun mix of unique flavors that you don’t see in your average drink.

I recently made these for a small get together we were having, and they were “the drink” of the evening. I guess a lot of people haven’t had whiskey or many peach drinks before, let alone all smashed together into one delicious mess. This is one of those drinks that you’ll get asked to always make because they are delightful.

How to Make a Peach and Blueberry Stirrer

peach and blueberry whiskey cocktail recipe 1

If you would like to make your own stirrer, you can either buy some wood ones online/in-store or just cut off the bottom of a wooden skewer (like for kabobs), just leave the pointy end for stabbin’. I just used a kabob one because it’s what we had on hand and it got the job done (just use something food-safe to cut it).

You may need to practice with one of your stirrers and the glass you’ll be using to make sure you can get everything centered and balanced, but after you perfect one you should be able to roll these guys out quickly.

  1. Pre-hole your blueberries. This will ensure that you don’t get a super purple stick (only matters if you are using wood).
  2. Slide on the first blueberry and immediately wipe off the end of the stick with a damp paper towel (prevents staining).
  3. Add peach. You can use fresh or canned peaches. I used canned as they are prepared and ready for stabbin’. When sliding the peach on, try to go through the middle as much as possible so they don’t rip and fall from their own weight. Once the peach is on, ever so slightly “bunch” the peach up (instead of stretching it out and making it long). Bunching the peach up will give you the nice crescent moon shape you see in my pictures and they will naturally sit with the ends of the peach pointing up).
  4. Add the final pre-holed blueberry, wipe the end of the stick, and you’re done.

You could make these a few days ahead of time and store them in the fridge, but you may get little blueberry stains on the peach after too long. I would only prepare them a few days ahead of time with canned peaches as fresh peaches will brown.

What We Tried

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Peach: We tried this recipe with some peach lightly smashed (like a sangria with big pieces of fruit), but the peach kind of stuck all over the straw and was irritating (could do this and just not have a straw, or fight it out, your call). We also pureed the peach with the peach juice and whiskey, and it got very pulpy and turned sort of brownish. Also, it made the ginger ale bubble like crazy and created a head (like a beer) at the top (I didn’t think it was very cute). We tried this with peach nectar from Jumex, but it didn’t have a strong enough peach taste. I think this could be made with peach syrup and taste pretty good (just mix it with the ginger ale and whiskey beforehand to maintain the cool gradient). The Simply peach juice we use had that artificial peach taste you find in most teas, and I think that’s why it worked better than something that was 100% or mostly peach juice.

Blueberry: We used IKEA’s blueberry concentrate (love the stuff in cocktails), but I think any blueberry syrup (including a homemade blueberry simple syrup) would taste great. IKEA’s concentrate is more like fresh blueberry than artificial, so try to avoid anything to artificially flavored. If you use another syrup that isn’t IKEA’s, I would recommend adding a little at a time to make sure it won’t overpower the peach (one of the biggest problems we had).

Ginger Ale: We tried this with club soda and it wasn’t nearly as sweet (obviously), but we mostly missed the ginger flavor. If you don’t drink soda, then I would recommend adding a pinch of powdered ginger to help balance out the flavors and then top with club soda or seltzer water.

Whiskey: We used Seagram’s whiskey, but I think any bourbon or whiskey will do. If you really hate whiskey, then I would recommend a white rum next, but honestly, you can barely taste it and it adds a nice background note that I think makes the drink.


Peach and Blueberry Whiskey Cocktail

  • Servings: 1 12 oz glass
  • Difficulty: Very easy
  • Print

A light and refreshing cocktail that perfectly balances peach and blueberry with whiskey and an effervescent addition of ginger ale.

Thinking of changing the recipe up? Read above how we experimented to come up with this one.

Want to make a peach and blueberry stirrer? Find the instructions above.



1. Mix peach and whiskey. In a glass, mix the peach juice and whiskey with some ice to cool the drink down.

2. Add ginger ale. Slowly add the ginger ale, and leave enough room on top for the blueberry syrup. Give the drink another stir to cool the ginger ale down.

3. Add syrup. In one quick motion pour the blueberry syrup in. The syrup is denser than the rest of the ingredients and should sink straight to the bottom giving you a nice gradient.

4. Enjoy! Finish the drinks off with a peach and blueberry stirrer if you so choose to.

To make this for a crowd, I would recommend scaling the recipe up for the amount you need and using 2.5-3oz of ginger ale per serving. Mix together the peach, whiskey, and ginger ale in a large pitcher and put in the fridge until ready to use. Then, when making drinks, simply pour the mix from the pitcher, individually add the blueberry syrup, top with a stirrer, and serve.

I hope you enjoyed the recipe! If you want more drink recipes, check out these ones:


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Thanks for reading and have a wonderful week!

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