STORIES: Ep.3 – Our Worst Experience at IKEA

This is a doozy, so grab a drink (apple juice or otherwise) and get ready to laugh at how stupid we were are. Here is the story of how we almost destroyed Derek’s college career because we wanted a stupid couch.

If you have been into the soul-sucking but fascinating place that is IKEA, you will know just how easy it is to sink an entire day there. We decided that enough time had passed and our wounds had healed sufficiently to relive this story and tell all you lovelies!

I would like to state here that this story is not intended to bad mouth or harm the reputation of IKEA. If anything, toward the end you should actually like IKEA more because they have fantastic employees that saved our butt. Everything that occurred in this story was a result of our stupidity and therefore our own darn fault. On to the podcast!

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