STORIES: Ep. 2 – The Time We Lived Above an Adult Club (Just a Peek Podcast)

This is a long one, so buckle up and bring a snack! In this podcast, we detail the life and adventures of living above an adult club.

Enjoy us reliving the horrors of our first apartment including the time we came to trust a sketchy ad from craigslist, how we almost died of carbon monoxide poisoning, and how we tried to make the best of a hundred-year-old adult servicing house. This is a long one, but get some chores done or go on that run while you listen to the worst year of our lives.

Audio Only (can listen with phone screen off)


YouTube Video

Sorry for all the elusiveness in the podcast. We know what we discussed can be sensitive content and since the internet is open to very young, impressionable people of all ages, we felt best if we coded some of the words to keep it family friendly.

Let me know in the comments below what’s your craziest living situation to date!

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See the first STORIES episode here.

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